Start the Bus in 2018!

Will YOU start the bus?

500 kids in 2018 need YOU to start the bus! By getting kids into our Club doors, YOU are giving them a snack and homework help every afternoon. YOU are giving them friendships and mentors. YOU are giving them the chance to run and play in the gym and participate in carpetball tournaments. YOU are giving them healthy, warm dinners.

When you start the bus, YOU are giving kids the chance the need to reach their full potential. The keys to their futures are in YOUR hands.

This holiday, we need to raise $25,000 if we are going to start the bus for our kids. That's enough to cover all of our gas, our drivers, even our bus repairs for 2018. It may be a lot of money, but with YOU, it's possible! YOU have the ability to get 500 kids to the Club next year. YOU can guarantee they have the meals, homework help, and friends they need. YOU can do all that-- just by starting the bus. Will YOU be there for kids today?

YES, I want to start the bus!
How do YOU want to make a difference? Even a gift of $50 will transport a child to the Club for an ENTIRE YEAR! Your gift can change a child's future.

Don't wait! Give TODAY.

Want to join our team?
There is a passionate group of people who are not only starting the bus-- they're asking other people to as well, and as a result, they're accomplishing amazing things for our kids. YOU can make that difference too.

Campaigning is easy. All you need to do is:
   1) Believe kids are better when they can get inside our doors, and decide to make that possible.
     2) Visit our Crowdrise page HERE and click JOIN THE TEAM.
     3) Share your campaign and ask your friends to help make a difference too.

When you are a part of our team, we will show you the impact you're making on kids. You get newsletters, emails, cards, and online updates. And your friends who help will too. See the difference you can make in a child's life today. Start your campaign now.

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