Lego Club

The Fun is in the Building

Walk in the Club at 5:30 on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, and you will see kids just swarming into our Tech Room. They're bursting with excitement because they're headed to one of their favorite activities: Lego Club. They’re excited to “play” with one of their favorite toys, but that excitement and the FUN that they have are two very important pieces of what you do for kids at the Club. Unlike school, kids don’t have to come to the Boys & Girls Club. They don’t have to participate. If it’s not fun, there is zero chance these kids are going to learn from the hidden lessons you’ve disguised as their favorite toy or game. That’s why Legos are the perfect activity.

When kids get to the room, Miss Alyssa will have a challenge ready for them. They break into teams and listen to the obstacle ahead. In one, there are innocent people stuck in a castle, and kids are tasked with making a working drawbridge to save them! In another challenge, teams compete to build the best housing structure, and their own ingenuity will determine if they build a skyscraper or an igloo. These fun challenges force our kids to work together in teams, dream up solutions, and build their own creations. It’s fun for them, but it teaches collaboration, creativity, problem solving, and so much more.

It’s also an opportunity to inspire our kids to find new careers for their future! Isaac is actually being the engineer. Abrielle is now the project manager. Bradley is the architect. Our kids don’t always have that example in their life, but through the Lego Club that you’ve created, they are dreaming up great futures for themselves.

Most of our members wouldn’t have a Lego Club without YOU. They wouldn’t have access to the materials. They wouldn’t have the structured challenges at home. They wouldn’t have Miss Alyssa encouraging them and challenging them to go above and beyond. But with YOU, all of those things are now a reality.

If you want to provide more learning opportunities for the youth of Carter County, you can make a donation here. Or let us know you want to take a tour and you can come see the Club at work. We welcome you anytime!

Lego Club is one of Isaac's favorite activities because "when you go, you get to make something new. It can be anything you want it to be."

Isaac wants to be an engineer or architect when he grows up, and your Club experience is helping him do just that.

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