Preparing for Great Futures 

We at the Boys & Girls Club provide afterschool and summer programs that open the door to great futures. We want every child in Charter County to be equipped to reach their full potential, so we provide fun and engaging programming with three priority outcomes:

Academic Success -- We believe that every member can achieve the highest level of academic success. We expect every member to complete high school with a plan for post secondary education or vocation.

Good Character & Citizenship
-- We believe that every member can, and should, be productive, caring & responsible citizens. We leverage every resource at our disposal to ensure that our members understand the definition and practice of good character. Club members are taught the value of community service, civic engagement, and positive decision making.

Healthy Lifestyles
-- We want to equip our members to be a healthier generation. This starts with providing balanced meals and snacks that include fresh fruits and vegetables and exceed USDA requirements. In our programs, we provide fun and inclusive physical activities, and we equip our members to make positive lifestyle choices including abstaining from substance abuse and other risky behaviors.

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